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Complexity Observer

from the project "Shells of the sense Constructions" 2013

in common with the robotic studio by Moscow Polytechnic Museum
polymer, metal, motor, rubber, 100x90x60

«Complexity Observer» from the project "Shells of the sense Constructions" from Kawarga Dmitry on Vimeo.

Human intellect during the evolution produces new and new, more confusing semantic structures and images of the imaginary world - the world of inferences, semantic chains, ideas, theories and descriptions. Some of them became a command to actions, others are turning into objects and technologies, but most of them exist like a pure abstraction, metaphysical phantasms, invisibly colonize our consciousness.

Once­born they like viruses and bacteria settle people's minds, begin to spreading and multiply, making new relations and influence on the livelihoods, to more and more confuse human's thoughts and take us away from our natural nature.
Robotic interactive art-objects from the cycle "Shell of semantic structures", are bodies of philosophical concepts and ideas, such as "Deleuze's rhizom", "Aristoteles's substance", "a priori by Kant", "Bergson's duration", etc.

The concept of this project can be presented as an attempt to reduce the evolutionary distance that separates modern human from his future formation. To the time when thought processes and technologies will unimpeded penetrate to animate and inanimate nature, organic and synthetic objects, physical and metaphysical phenomena.

Several technological objects of art will be making from modern composite materials, polymers, carbon fiber reinforcement, servos and actuators. The motor activity will be quirky, unpredictable, sometimes very slowly, but always will depends from a visitor. Each object is accompanied by the philosophical text.

The projections of shadows from moving constructions on walls will transform a hall into a weird space, to give viewers an opportunity to doubt is he into the field of his own consciousness or into fantastic territory inhabited by half-dead techno-biological creatures...

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