i n s t a l l a t i o n s s c u l p t u r e s  p a i n t i n g   C V   c o n t a c t 

Disintegration of an involvement

250x200x200, polymers, biofeedback devices, audio device,   2007

In order to come into contact with the installation it is necessary to step into its territory and come close to the centre.

Having paid attention to the tiny white figures, it becomes very easy to associate oneself with them and then the scale of visual planes acquires the proportion of reality. In fact, all the details of the installation are separate disintegrating pieces of that very reality, habitually perceived by us as something integral. Separate fragments of involvements move away from each other, like gigantic icebergs, and in the empty spaces forming in between them it becomes possible to perceive a new, larger involvement.

The installation is equipped with devices of "reverse connection", if one touches and holds one's finger on one of the elements after a fraction of a second various fluctuations appear on the surface of the black liquid in the lower reservoir, synchronous to the rhythm of the viewer's blood circulation. All the finest elements and audio sounds of the installation, capable of being subjected to pulsating vibrations, fall in rhythm with the blood circulation. Thus, the viewer finds himself involved in the disintegration which is taking place...

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