i n s t a l l a t i o n s s c u l p t u r e s  p a i n t i n g   C V   c o n t a c t 

The Consciousness modelling

One Marylebone, St. Martin‘s Church, London 2010

The project was conceived as a long developing in time work on my own consciousness. In an attempt of apprehension of "inner" perceptive mechanisms itself, there is the possibility of existential evolution. Methodical usage of this aspect, especially driven to art-n-science exploration, revert the usual process of consciousness into a special mean of a certain existential-alchemic making.

The installation presents itself as a certain quantity of geometry-amorphic forms (deformity cubes, prisms etc) made of dark black gloss plastic, amalgamating by long thin elements. These are so called informative place - "volumes of memory". Inside of these places there are separate realities fixed and formed as particular periods of life. There's some light bursting out of some (lighting inside) and some noise out of others; thirds are like being exploded and tend to fill the outer space, which by the way forms the consciousness itself. A human lived several model of lives: his point "here and now" ply between earlier created consciousness spaces or may even create new consciousness.

500x700x300 polymer Bayer MaterialSciene, metall, PC, biofeedback device, audio device
Audio - Kryptogen Rundfunk

A Model of Biomorphic Consciousness

2007 pop/off/art gallery

Sound Anthesteria

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