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Kawarga. Apocalypse. 21.12

An Exhibition in pop/off/art Gallery Desember 21 2012 - February 3 2013

Dmitry Kawarga project designed for the pop/off/art Gallery includes a dozen of large-scale sculptures combined in one installation which incarnate artist's old dream about the end of the world. These sculptures are as metaphorical as they are real in their reflection of the artist's thinking about the fine line of transition from a chaotic to a structural state and back in the process of evolution of the humanity. It is clearly a metaphysical outlook on the human being as a tiny particle of the universe which is inseparable from the Earth and its resources.

Exibition in the ex-cinema-theatre «Udarnik», Moscow 2014

Apocalypse 21.12.2012 from Kawarga Dmitry on Vimeo.

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